About Cracking Wine

Cracking Wine run fun and informal wine tasting events and also larger wine festivals which always involve an audience vote. It is a myth that the general public, unless educated about wine, may choose unwisely or plump for the most popular option. Our experience proves quite the opposite. 

People know what they like but are also open to new experiences and fully appreciate the nuances of wine even if they don’t have the ‘jargon’ (wine terminology) to assess the wine or explain why they do or don’t like it.

Wine is no longer considered a middle-class tipple to be appreciated by a select few.  These days more and more of us are enjoying a fantastic selection of wine from independent merchants, supermarkets and online suppliers. 

About time then, for an awards where the consumer has the chance to vote for the wine's they love.

The People's Choice Wine Awards is also a golden opportunity for suppliers and producers to hear what people really think about their wine and share their reviews with others.

With categories which reflect why, where and when people actually buy wine, the process will be simple, fun and authentic.  Awards not purely based on the technical aspects of the wine, but whether people actually enjoy it and would buy it again — the reason we all drink wine in the first place surely?

1st Round Judging Session
2nd Round Judging Session
Shortlist Announced
Winners Announced on FB Live