Why Enter the Awards?

A huge proportion of consumers consult peer reviews via social media and apps before making a purchase which is rapidly changing the profile of wine drinkers and key influencers in the wine industry. 

The People’s Choice Wine Awards will appeal directly to the ‘modern wine drinker’.

This is a golden opportunity for suppliers and producers to learn what people really think about their wine with 27 unique categories which reflect the buying decisions of the average consumer and cover every type of wine and occasion.

The judges will be from a wide cross section of the general public which represent the make-up of current UK society.

The competition will focus on:

  • Food friendly wine;
  • Easier to understand wine terminology;
  • Sustainability and organic production;
  • A more modern and inclusive approach to the way we talk about wine;
  • Use of social media to review and share great wine stories;
  • Why people buy wine (which occasion, lifestyle choices and convenience);
  • Low alcohol and alternative packaging options.


The People’s Choice Wine Awards starts with the consumer, rather than them being at the end of the process, building an audience from the launch of the competition which will ultimately feed through to a ready- made group of interested buyers when the award winners are announced.

In brief we offer:

  • Your chance to be part of a modern, exciting and innovative consumer focussed wine awards;
  • Wine bottle-neck card sleeves detailing medal won and category to boost sales and raise awareness;
  • A shiny award for your trophy cabinet!
  • Shortlisted and winning wines showcased to press and at two People’s Choice Award consumer wine events in 2018;
  • Dedicated PR campaign with heavy emphasis on social media marketing to promote the competition and winning wines;
  • Sponsorship opportunities to raise your profile further;
  • Shortlisted and winning wines featured on a video about the Awards;
  • Opportunity to present offers to the PCWA community via social media and regular newsletters.
1st Round Judging Session
2nd Round Judging Session
Shortlist Announced
Winners Announced on FB Live