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An Entrant can submit wines for the Competition by completing an Entry Form, paying the Entry Fee and delivering the Entry Wines to Cracking Wine Ltd otherwise known as the Organisers of the People’s Choice Wine Awards.

Entries that do not arrive by the entry deadline cannot be refunded or credited.

The Organisers accept no responsibility for Entry Forms unsuccessfully submitted.

Three (3) samples of each Entry must be submitted to the People's Choice Wine Awards to:

PCWA, c/o 373 Trafford Park Road, Manchester, M17 1AN

Where the same Entry is submitted by more than one Entrant, each of Entrants’ stockists’ details will be featured equally in the report of the tasting. Entry Fees for multiple entries will not be refunded.

The judges' decision is final.

An Entry will not be included in the Competition where the Entry Fee has not been received by the Organisers by the deadline.

The Organisers will not be held liable for any lost or damaged wines and no refund of Entry Fee will be given under any circumstances.

Wines submitted must:

Be made exclusively from partial or complete alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes

Be in a 75cl bottle, with the exception of sweet and fortified wines, which may be contained in 25cl, 37.5cl, or 50cl bottles or in the case of bag in box wines, which may be contained in 1l, 2.25l or 3l boxes.

Be labelled in accordance with EU legislation in force at the time of entry.

Entries may be produced in one country and then bottled in another.


It is Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the three (3) samples of each Entry are delivered to People's Choice Wine Awards in accordance with the deadlines detailed on the Website.

Entries that arrive after the deadline dates will not be accepted.

It is recommended that the Entrant uses a shipper that allows tracking of the parcel.

It is Entrant’s responsibility to contact the Shipper or its courier company to confirm the delivery deadline, address and documentation required.

The Entrant will be responsible for payment of all delivery charges, duties, taxes and insurances. All such charges must be paid by Entrant in advance of receipt of the Entry by People's Choice Wine Awards.

All excise and duty must be paid by the Entrant before sending Entries to the UK.

Entrants are responsible for any fees related to the import of wines and it is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that Entries arrive in good condition.

The Entrant will receive an email confirmation when all samples for all its Entries have been received.  The Organisers will notify the Entrant in case of discrepancies between the Entry received and the original application form.

The Entries will be transported at Entrant’s risk and must carry the relevant insurance.

Refunds will not be issued after the Competition deadline for any cancellations, late deliveries, or non-deliveries.



Winning Entrants will be sent full details of ongoing promotional activity of award-winning Entries after the awards ceremony.

The People’s Choice Wine Awards marks and logos are the property of Cracking Wine Ltd.  Any unauthorised use, reproduction or alteration is strictly prohibited.

Winning Entrants may only use the authorised People’s Choice Wine Awards as instructed by the Organisers and may not be used on bottles without prior written authorisation.

Medals may only be displayed against, and Bottle Neck Sleeves may only be affixed to, winning Entries of the appropriate Award and category of the competition.

No changes can be made to the name and details of the winning Entry after the close of the Competition.

The Organisers reserve the right to use Entrants logos and Entry information in order to promote the People’s Choice Wine Awards via press releases, social media and online promotion.