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Many consumers consult peer reviews on social media and apps before making a purchase which is rapidly changing the profile of key influencers in the wine industry.

The People’s Choice Wine Awards recognises this fact and it is reflected in its use of social media and engagement with wine clubs, wine educators, wine bloggers and consumer champions in the wine trade.  It appeals directly to the ‘modern wine drinker’.

This is a golden opportunity for suppliers and producers to learn what people really think about their wine with unique categories which reflect the buying decisions of the average consumer and cover every type of wine and occasion.

Round 1 judges consist of a wide cross section of wine buyers which represents the make-up of current UK society.  Round 2 judges include prominent wine bloggers, broadcasters, journalists and consumer wine champions.

The competition will focus on:

  • Food friendly wine
  • Easier to understand wine terminology
  • Sustainable and organic production
  • A more modern and inclusive approach to the way we talk about wine
  • Use of social media to review and share great wine stories
  • Why people buy wine (which occasion, lifestyle choices and convenience)

The People’s Choice Wine Awards starts with the consumer, rather than them being at the end of the process, building an audience from the launch of the competition which will ultimately feed through to a ready-made group of interested buyers when the award winners are announced.

In brief we offer:

  • Your chance to be part of a modern, exciting and innovative consumer focused wine awards
  • Shortlisted and winning wines profiled on the PCWA website with a hyperlink to the producer or supplier site to aid sales
  • Shortlisted and winning wines profiled by The Buyer, our Official Trade Media Partner.
  • Social media listings of shortlisted wines in the pre-Christmas run up (shortlist announced in early November)
  • Opportunity to attend the informal awards ceremony in Manchester on 25th February 2019, hosted by prominent consumer wine industry champions. The event will be live-streamed over the internet and will be attended by both trade visitors, judges and consumers
  • A shiny award for your trophy cabinet for the winning wines
  • A certificate for all shortlisted wines
  • A limited edition signed print by Tony Husband, representing the specific award category, for the winning producers/suppliers
  • Opportunity to access artwork and stickers to promote your shortlisting or win, to boost sales and raise awareness
  • Support from Round 2 judges to promote all winning wines on social media
  • Winning wines to be showcased at consumer wine events in 2019 with an opportunity to present at these events and meet consumers
  • Dedicated national PR campaign with heavy emphasis on social media marketing to promote the competition, shortlisted and winning wines
  • Sponsorship opportunities to raise your profile further

The entry fee is £50 per wine.